Richie Kotzen: The Essential Richie Kotzen Review

The Essential Richie Kotzen

The Essential Richie Kotzen is a two disc double album featuring songs spanning Richie Kotzen’s entire career. All the songs on the album were selected by Richie himself. Kotzen is perhaps best known for fronting The Winery Dogs and for his stints with Poison and Mr. Big, but his solo career is vastly underrated.

Alastair Greene Band: Trouble At Your Door Review

Trouble At Your Door

Alastair Greene’s fifth studio album, Trouble At Your Door is a musical, watercolor painting; full of light, airy colors that jump off the canvas, but are subtle and gentle at the same time. The roughness of his voice against the dreamy guitars paint an effortless ambiance throughout the entire album, creating music true to the origin of blues rock. Anthemic lyrics and heavy bass power chords that are laced with full percussion beats are at the core of each song, creating music that are heavily influence by the roots of the blues rock genre.

The Della Grants: Time For Change Review

Time For Change

The Della Grants are comprised of Maxx Manning, Andy Boulton and Tom Walker (all previously of The Mokats), with the addition of Tom Best on guitar to round out the new endeavor. Their sound stays true to the soulful blues their previous undertaking sought to champion. Their sound evokes a modern take on the classic rhythms and progressions of blues rock. Time For Change captures the next step in their musical career, taking many of the prior EP’s tracks and re-mastering them herein.

Philip Morgan Lewis Releases “Six Foot Tambourine” Video

Philip Morgan Lewis has released a music video for his latest single, “Six Foot Tambourine,” available September 22.

Jimi Barbiani: Blue Slide Review

Blue Slide

After a series of albums with W.I.N.D, Jimi Barbiani has stepped out on his own and gives us his second solo album Blue Slide. Jimi’s band consists of Daniele Vicario (Bass) and Gianluca Zavan (Drums) and while a whole host of different vocalists contribute to the CD, Jimi’s proficient slide guitar skills do the communication for him.

Jonathan Peyper: Jonathan Peyper Review

Jonathan Peyper

New on the scene, Jonathan Peyper quietly dropped his self-titled debut two months ago. The unceremonious release and small scale of his touring means that his album has sort of slipped under the radar outside of his home in South Africa, which is a little upsetting given Peyper’s flavour. With some of the album’s songs titled “Mysterious Woman,” “Love at Midnight,” and “Where is My Eve?” it’s no surprise that Jonathan Peyper’s approach to the blues is a sensuous one. Peyper’s self-titled debut is full of explorative guitar work framed by light melodies, gushing hooks, and nostalgic chord turns. It’s not that everything on this record is slow and winding; Peyper bursts with energy frequently too. These moments often seem outshined by the gentler ones, however.

Ty Curtis: Water Under The Bridge Review

Water Under The Bridge

’70s-style rock blended with a hint of southern twang is the music ambiance of Ty Curtis’ Water Under The Bridge. This album weighs heavy with futuristic takes on the genre of blues rock. The emphatic screaming lead guitars carry Curtis’ vocals through every arrangement, with musical grace and elegance. The subtle hints of southern rock twang bring vibrance to every song, which showcases Curtis’ authentic sense of musicianship.

Richie Kotzen Releases “War Paint” Video

Richie Kotzen has released a music video “War Paint,” which is featured on his new album, The Essential Richie Kotzen.

Click here to read our recent interview with Kotzen about the album.

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