Hannah Wicklund Epic Guitar Solos

Hannah Wicklund is one of the top up and coming guitarists around. Wicklund is known for her incendiary live performances and Blues Rock Review compiled a collection of epic guitar solos.

The Proven Ones: You Ain’t Done Review

The Proven Ones’ newest release You Ain’t Done is a collection of rousing blues rock songs mixed with other blues flavors that make you wish you were at their live concert, so you could dance and enjoy their riffs and jams. Not to be denied, these five musicians are aptly named The Proven Ones (TPO), a talented group of veteran blues’ rock musicians — guitarist Kid Ramos, vocalist Brian Templeton, keyboardist Anthony Geraci, bassist Willie J. Campbell and drummer Jimi Bott. Blues accompanied by blues luminaries Ruthie Foster, vocalist, and Mike Zito, blues guitarist (who co-produced this album with Jimi Botti).

Top 10 Samantha Fish Songs

Samantha Fish has quickly turned into one of the premier artists in the blues rock scene ever since she released her debut album Runaway in 2011. Her records have been produced by some of the top guitarists in the blues rock genre including Mike Zito and Luther Dickinson. To see her perform live is a phenomenal experience. Here are Samantha Fish’s top 10 songs to date.

Eric Steckel: Grandview Drive Review

Guitar extraordinaire Eric Steckel returns with his latest album, Grandview Drive. Don Plowman joins Steckel on drums and percussion, but Steckel handles the rest of the duties including guitar, vocals, keys, and bass. Steckel also produced the album, which follows up 2018’s Polyphonic Prayer.

2000s Blues Rock Albums Worth Another Listen

Blues rock combines rock and blues music elements. The genre has a wide variety of instrumentation such as drums, the harmonica, electric bass guitar, and electric guitar. It was formed in the 1960s. Blues rock has inspired other music genres such as early heavy metal, southern rock, and hard rock. The following are albums from the early 2000’s worth another listen.

Dion releases “Song For Sam Cooke”

Dion has released “Song For Sam Cooke” with Paul Simon which is the sixth single from his upcoming album, Blues With Friends.

“I wrote this tune back many years ago,” says Dion. “At first I just had the melody and the refrain ‘Here in America.’ A friend suggested I use an episode from my memoir about walking southern streets with Sam Cooke in 1962.  I finished the song, but it felt too personal, so I put it aside. Then in 2019 I saw the movie Green Book and after that I couldn’t shake the song.  My friend Paul Simon wanted to record it what he was hearing on the tune; it’s a story we both share. Thank you Paul. Rest in peace, Sam.”

Larkin Poe release “Back Down South” featuring Tyler Bryant

Larkin Poe has released “Back Down South,” the duo’s fourth single from their upcoming album, Self Made Man, available June 12. The track features a guest appearance from Tyler Bryant.

Joe Bonamassa reveals “When One Door Opens”

Blues rock champion Joe Bonamassa has released a music video for his new ballad, “When One Door Opens.” The track was co-written by Pete Brown and produced by Kevin Shirley. “When One Door Opens” was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London and marks a new sound for Bonamassa.

“This is the first track off my new album and I’m very excited for everyone to hear it,” said Bonamassa about the new track. A release date for the upcoming album has yet to be announced.

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