Dani Wilde: Songs About You Review

Songs About You

When it comes to Dani Wilde’s latest album, Songs About You, simplicity is the key behind its beauty.  Letting emotion shine through is what Wilde does best on each of these tracks.  By toning down more bold elements, such as guitars and percussion, the elegance in her vocals and acoustic guitar melodies, Wilde has left the door open for softness to fall all around the emotions conveyed through her intelligently written lyrics.

Dan Patlansky performs “Backbite” live

Dan Patlansky has released a live performance of his current single, “Backbite,” featured on Blues Rock Review’s top voted album of 2014, Dear Silence Thieves.

Patlansky is currently in the midst of a UK tour.

King King: Reaching For The Light Review

Reaching For The Light

After releasing Standing in Shadows, which ranked third on Blues Rock Review’s Top 20 Albums of 2013, it’s safe to say expectations for King King’s follow up album would be high. Consider them met because Reaching For The Light continues the momentum and then some.

Stream Left Lane Cruiser’s “Tres Borrachos”

Left Lane Cruiser are set to release a new album in June called Dirty Spliff Blues featuring “Tres Borrachos,” which is now available for streaming.

Freddy and the Phantoms: Times of Division Review

Times of Division

The Danish five-piece group operating under the moniker Freddy and the Phantoms is being compared to the many bands following in the wake of groups like Rival Sons. It’s easy to welcome a comparison like this while overlooking some of what it implies.

Boz Scaggs: A Fool to Care Review

A Fool To Care

The renowned bluesman Boz Scaggs has a new album out, and it’s classic Scaggs. It’s also classic Al Green, classic Spinners, and classic Bobby Charles. If you weren’t a blues history buff before listening to A Fool to Care, you wouldn’t recognize 11 of Scaggs’ 12 new tracks as covers. On each song, Scaggs puts his decades of experience and emotional connections to American roots music to work, producing a collection that stands as one of this year’s best blues records to date.

Patrick Aprea: Latest Hits EP Review

Latest Hits

Powerful lyrics and an eclectic blend of instruments drive home a well-polished EP on Pat Aprea’s Latest Hits. A clever title for a young rising star looking to market his brand of rhythm and blues, the album spans the sounds he has come to embrace.

The Blue Dawns release “Maxwell Blues” video

UK based blues rockers The Blues Dawns have released a music video for their new single, “Maxwell Blues.” The track is available for free download on the group’s Bandcamp page.

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