Laurence Jones: What’s it Gonna Be Review

What's It Gonna Be

Laurence Jones’ third album is an apt continuation of the legacy that Jones’ has begun to build for himself – that is to say, on What’s it Gonna Be Jones is once again the young voice paying homage to the older voices that inspired him, while continually driving his sound forward.  Jones won Young Artist of the Year at last year’s British Blues Awards for his sophomore release Temptation, and it’s fairly impressive that amidst his extensive touring he’s managed to find the time to record an album that holds up so well against its predecessor.

David Michael Miller Interview

David Michael Miller

Recently, singer-songwriter David Michael Miller gave Blues Rock Review the inside scoop on his journey from singing in church as a child to more recently touring the country with his band. Despite a hiatus several years back, the guitarist feels a pull to the blues scene that’s as strong as ever. With a sound that might be best described as “modern traditional,” the release of his second solo album is no doubt, anticipated.

Charlie Oxford: Charlie Oxford Review

Charlie Oxford

Charlie Oxford is the self-titled debut album of Nashville blues and soul musician Charlie Oxford. In the first track, “Waiting For,” Oxford croons along to the tunes of a mellow guitar and the accompaniment of a bounty of horns, demonstrating both his vocal prowess and his gift with the strings. The album’s lead single, “Drive Me Crazy,” features a smooth, sliding guitar riff and the first employment of Oxford’s elated falsetto; the song is ultimately rounded with the aid of a guitar solo that dances dexterously up and down the length of the fret board.

Vintage Trouble: 1 Hopeful Rd. Review

1 Hopeful Rd

The TroubleMakers of the world sure are excited. Earlier this month, Vintage Trouble released their second album 1 Hopeful Rd., a 12-track collection that embodies the soulful amalgamation of rock and r&b that the four-piece has become known for since banding in Los Angeles in 2010. Vintage Trouble have been busy touring around the world and even taking a few turns supporting The Who since their debut The Bomb Shelter Sessions dropped four years ago. On their second full-length, Vintage Trouble continue pursuing the high energy recording style that served them well the first time around.

Watch Love and the Zealous perform “Music In My Soul”

Love and the Zealous recently performed “Music In My Soul” on Jam In The Van.

The complete Jam In The Van session with Love and the Zealous will be available tomorrow at

Randall Bramblett: Devil Music Review

Devil Music

A man with as much experience as he has ingenuity, Randall Bramblett has been a singer-songwriter, a session musician, and a hired gun for legends such as Gregg Allman and Steve Winwod. Bramblett’s latest release from his more than thirty years in the business, Devil Music, delivers the expected level of virtuosity, and surprises with a deep-fried, novel twist of Southern darkness.

Joe Louis Walker announces “Everybody Wants A Piece”

Joe Louis Walker is set to release Everybody Wants A Piece on October 9th.

Vitor Bacalhau releases “Too Much of a Good Thing” video

Portuguese blues rocker Vitor Bacalhau has released a music video for “Too Much of a Good Thing,” which is featured on his debut album, Brand New Dawn.

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