Jonathan Peyper: Jonathan Peyper Review

Jonathan Peyper

New on the scene, Jonathan Peyper quietly dropped his self-titled debut two months ago. The unceremonious release and small scale of his touring means that his album has sort of slipped under the radar outside of his home in South Africa, which is a little upsetting given Peyper’s flavour. With some of the album’s songs titled “Mysterious Woman,” “Love at Midnight,” and “Where is My Eve?” it’s no surprise that Jonathan Peyper’s approach to the blues is a sensuous one. Peyper’s self-titled debut is full of explorative guitar work framed by light melodies, gushing hooks, and nostalgic chord turns. It’s not that everything on this record is slow and winding; Peyper bursts with energy frequently too. These moments often seem outshined by the gentler ones, however.

Ty Curtis: Water Under The Bridge Review

Water Under The Bridge

’70s-style rock blended with a hint of southern twang is the music ambiance of Ty Curtis’ Water Under The Bridge. This album weighs heavy with futuristic takes on the genre of blues rock. The emphatic screaming lead guitars carry Curtis’ vocals through every arrangement, with musical grace and elegance. The subtle hints of southern rock twang bring vibrance to every song, which showcases Curtis’ authentic sense of musicianship.

Richie Kotzen Releases “War Paint” Video

Richie Kotzen has released a music video “War Paint,” which is featured on his new album, The Essential Richie Kotzen.

Click here to read our recent interview with Kotzen about the album.

Joe Bonamassa: Different Shades Of Blue Review

Different Shades Of Blue

Joe Bonamassa’s reputation precedes him, and will continue to do so for life. His lust for the blues comes through full force in his solo work. His versatility is proven in the side projects he’s championed through the years. Different Shades Of Blue is just the next notch on his bluesy belt. He is able to channel the soul and spirit of the genre like no other in today’s market.

Danny Bryant: Temperature Rising Review

Temperature Rising

If you thought that technical guitar solos were a trend left behind in the ’70s, listen to Danny Bryant’s Temperature Rising and you’ll see that, not only are they not left behind, but they are better left to be crafted by musicians equipped with skills worthy of pulling them off. Bryant showcases all of his talented capabilities right from the very start of this record. The first song hits you right in the chest with power chords, heavy bass lines and dusty, echoing vocals. Unlike many blues based rock musicians, Bryant digs deep into his talents and takes risks outside of the commonalities of the genre.

Philip Sayce Releases “Influence” Teaser

Philip Sayce has released a teaser for his upcoming album, Influence, due out in Europe and the UK on August 25.

Yahoo! Screen Launches new Concert Series

Yahoo! Live

Yahoo! Screen and Live Nation have teamed up to create Yahoo! Live. The new series streams live concerts daily for free featuring top and emerging artists. Concerts are also available to watch for 24 hours following each show.

Kenny Wayne Shepherd takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Kenny Wayne Shepherd takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and sends out challenges to Joe Bonamassa, Zakk Wylde, and Jonny Lang.

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