Bad Touch release “Baby Get It On” video featuring Mollie Marriott

Bad Touch have released a music video for their new single “Baby Get It On” featuring Mollie Marriott. The track is a cover of the Tina Turner classic recorded in 1975.

The band will be offering the track as a free download on October 23rd.

King King release “Broken” video

King King have released a music video for “Broken,” which is off the band’s new album, Exile and Grace.

Pam Taylor: Steal Your Heart Review

Pam Taylor’s latest solo album Steal Your Heart walks genre lines, teetering from blues, to country, to ’80s rock, and anything in between. She pulls from various contrasting genres not only from song to song, but from moment to moment, note to note. The frequent shifts are seamless, and when Taylor does cross a genre line, it feels incredibly natural. These changes offer something for everyone, speak to her great versatility, and beg the question, what has Pam Taylor been listening to all of these years?

Raoul: Say It Ain’t So Review

Say It Ain’t So represents Raoul’s latest foray into the realm of blues rock, and it delivers more than enough strong material to justify a listen.  The album prominently features Raoul Roux’s lead guitar and vocals, with Steph Nortje on drums and Nick Kuiper on bass.  

Mollie Marriott Interview

Mollie Marriott is a renaissance woman. Her excellence in music is a given to anyone who has ever heard her single “Control”, but the many aspects of her life that don’t take center stage make her the artist that she is. After years of singing backup, she is finally taking center stage in her new album Truth Is A Wolf, set to be released on November 3rd, 2017. Blues Rock Review caught up with her to chat about the album, live shows, the songs, and her colorful life that inspires it all.

Jared James Nichols: Black Magic Review

Black Magic is an album as exuberant as its creator: it’s spunky, bouncy and about 10 other adjectives that can be used to indicate energy and enthusiasm. Of course, there’s also a guitarist with serious chops behind the microphone, so that helps. Set for release on October 27 via Listenable Records, Black Magic (produced by Tony Perry) will be Jared James Nichols’ second album, a reinforcement of what Nichols established on his 2015 debut Old Glory & the Wild Revival: he enjoys playing loud, hard and wild rock ’n roll–and he’s good at it, too.

Mollie Marriott releases “Truth Is A Wolf” video

Mollie Marriott has released a lyric video for “Truth Is A Wolf,” the title track off her debut album available November 3rd.

Joe Bonamassa: Portland Gig Review

On October 5, 2017 the sold out 3,000 seat Arlene Schnitzer concert hall darkened as shadow figures walked onto the stage visible only by their black silhouettes contrasted against the colored lights illuminating the backdrops as Joe Bonamassa’s voice announced that there is a train coming.

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