Jeff Jensen: Morose Elephant Review

Morose Elephant

Big-band swinging grooves paralleled with southern guitar riffs make a long lasting first impression with the introduction of “Make It Through,” the first track on Jeff Jensen’s new album, Morose Elephant. The beachy keyboards are paired nicely with his light and airy vocals, which are then combined with the Delta-style guitar riffs, creating a new wave of soulful, bouncy rock n roll that is completely unique to Jensen. It is this Jensen-native style of arranging music that has set Morose Elephant apart from the strict structure of what is to be expected of modern day blues rock artists.

My Own Holiday: Reason to Bleed Review

Reason To Bleed

It might be easy to lump My Own Holiday in with other Guitar and Drum ensembles, like The Black Keys or The White Stripes but on their latest album, Reason to Bleed, My Own Holiday carve out a niche all their own. Their traditional meets modern approach is blues for the next generation.

Hanni El Khatib: Moonlight Review


It’s been nearly two years since Los Angeles-based Hanni El Khatib released his third album Head in the Dirt, an 11-track record that featured several catchy tracks including three leading singles “Can’t Win ‘Em All,” “Family,” and “Penny.” On this bombastic follow-up, Khatib invites listeners to dive into his signature garage rock style with lead single “Moonlight”, a track full of the fuzz and swagger heard on Head in the Dirt and 2011’s Will the Guns Come Out.

Keeping The Blues Alive At Sea: Day 4 Blog

The final full day of the cruise found us docked in Nassau, Bahamas upon waking. With a temperature in the 60s it was unseasonably cold for the locals who were all bundled up and even wearing hats and gloves while complaining about the cold. Hailing from Minnesota though (where it was a frigid -4 degrees that day) I happily donned a pair of shorts and a short sleeved shirt and set out for a day of wandering down town Nassau and quick cab ride out to explore Paradise Island. Can you say tourist?

Paul Cargnello releases “Squeaky Wheel” video

Paul Cargnello has released a music video for “Squeaky Wheel,” the single off his latest album, The Hardest Part Is You May Never Know.

Richie Kotzen: Cannibals Interview

Richie Kotzen

Guitar hero, prolific songwriter and performer, Richie Kotzen does it all. This month, Kotzen released his 20th solo album, Cannibals. Blues Rock Review caught up with Richie to discuss the new album, the Winery Dogs, songwriting, and the challenges artists face in today’s music industry.

Keeping The Blues Alive At Sea: Day 3 Blog

Katy Guillen

Day three found us at sea for the day as we headed to Nassau in the Bahamas. Many changes to the expected performance schedule since the weather was not really cooperating. Shows were forced inside because of the very high winds on the pool deck. Took a stroll outside on the deck on my way between one of the shows and a sudden gust of wind blew my hat off my head and overboard before I could even react.

Ian Siegal releases “Hard Pressed” video

Ian Siegal has released a video for “Hard Pressed,” a bonus track from his latest album, One Night In Amsterdam.

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