Gig Review: Ty Curtis – Herbal Gardens

Ty Curtis is one of the hardest working blues rock artists in the Pacific Northwest. For the last couple of years he’s been splitting up his residency between Austin, Texas and his home in Salem, Oregon. This summer has seen him primarily in Oregon, doing everything from headlining the 2nd biggest blues festival in the USA to playing at clubs, casinos and private parties, while he promotes his killer 2016 release, Blame Me. Salem, Oregon is also one of the first U.S. cities in the path of a total solar eclipse on August 21st and tourists are expected to double the population of the state capitol along with a million people coming to Oregon in August for the event. In anticipation of the event there have been parties and concerts galore going on until the big day on August 21.

Bruce Mississippi Johnson: The Deal Baby Review

Bruce Mississippi Johnson’s The Deal Baby is one of those albums that will have you asking what is this? Yes, there is some blues influence here; but what it really is a funky soul album and a direct successor of the classics by the likes of Al Green, Jackie Wilson, Lou Rawls and Gil Scott-Heron. He may hail from Mississippi originally but after spending some time singing for B.B. King’s bass player, the late Big Joe Tuner, in his Parisian based Blues Caravan he has formed a strong bond with bandmate and Turner keyboardist Johan Dalgaard that has resulted in this self-released debut solo album.

Underrated Guitarists (Episode 2)

The latest edition of Underrated Guitarists puts the spotlight on Eric Steckel, Henrik Freischlader, and Danny Bryant.

Selwyn Birchwood: Pick Your Poison Review

Pick Your Poison is the newest album by American guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Selwyn Birchwood, featuring Regi Oliver on saxophone, Huff Wright on bass and Courtney “Big Love” Girlie on drums. It’s the sequel to the 2014 album Don’t Call No Ambulance which brought the band into the spotlight with awards and memorable performances. With a gruff vocal, Selwyn is a very talented guitarist, switching between a regular six-string electric guitar and an electric lap steel guitar. Produced by Birchwood himself, the album was recorded in Orlando, Florida.

Jonny Lang: “Signs” Interview

Four years after releasing Fight For My Soul, Jonny Lang returns with his newest studio album, Signs, which will be released on September 8th in North America and August 25th in Europe. Blues Rock Review caught up with Lang to discuss the new album, his songwriting process, and more.

Premiere: Mike Brookfield – “Zombie Craze”

In a Blues Rock Review exclusive premiere stream “Zombie Craze,” the new track featured on Mike Brookfield’s sophomore album, Brookfield, available September 22nd.

“It takes lots of twists and turns in its arrangement. I wanted it to be like that. It’s almost like a zombie chase. The message of the song is we’re being ruled by zombies and we are zombies walking around with our little mobile phones and everything, so the zombie craze applies to a lot of things in modern life,” Brookfield said about the track.

Anthony Gomes Interview

Blues Rock Review caught up with Anthony Gomes on tour to discuss anything and everything blues rock, plus why Anthony’s next album could be his best.

The Gringos: The Animal Kingdom Review

The Gringos are an up and coming blues rock group out of Brazil formed in 2014, which features four Americans and one native born Brazilian. The Animal Kingdom is the group’s sophomore album and features 15 psychedelic blues rock tracks. Get ready because The Gringos are a band to watch.

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