Eric Gales: Middle of the Road Review

Born in Memphis, southern blues man Eric Gales aka Rawdawg, is back with Middle of the Road, which is his sixteenth album and he’s collaborated on countless others. A true professional and child prodigy, (he released his first album at just 16) Gales has been around the block enough times to give a tour.

Richie Kotzen releases “End of Earth” video

Richie Kotzen has released a music video for “End Of Earth,” which is featured on the new album, Salting Earth, available April 14.

Ash Wilson: Broken Machine Review

Broken Machine is the highly anticipated debut album from British singer songwriter Ash Wilson. Wilson pulls a lot from history especially blues history for the album and is successful in combining lyrics that imply, with guitar that hints at songs from a gone by day and yet still has a modern touch that sets it apart.

Revelator Hill: Atlantic Detour Review

Atlantic Detour is the first album from Revelator Hill, a new project for guitarist and vocalist Bobby Thompson, in collaboration with fellow Washington D.C. blues and rock players Gary Crockett on drums, Wes Lanich on keyboards, and Seth Morrissey on bass. At its best, it offers an impressive amalgam of modern blues and AOR sounds.

Gomes opening path for healing through music

“Music opens paths for healing.”

Whether it’s body, mind or soul, Anthony Gomes believes in this credo wholeheartedly. As the man behind the Music is the Medicine Foundation, a nonprofit he founded in 2010, Gomes has seen it proven time and time again. Now more than ever, he says, people need encouragement and to encourage one another.

Ash Wilson releases “Broken Machine” video

Ash Wilson has released a music video for Broken Machine, the title track of his new album out April 21.

Experience Hendrix Gig: Portland Review

The “Experience Hendrix” concert concept began after the Hendrix family gained full control of Jimi’s legacy. His father James “Al” Hendrix began “Experience Hendrix L.L.C.” to keep his son’s memory alive. In September 1995 the “Jimi Hendrix Electric Guitar Festival” took place in Seattle, Washington, as a one-time event. By 2008 the concept of having a dozen legendary guitarists share the stage in a concert playing Jimi Hendrix songs or songs made famous by him evolved into a National tour. The two key members from the beginning were Hendrix band mates, bassist, Billy Cox and drummer, Mitch Mitchell, who unfortunately died while on Tour in Portland, Oregon that same year. Today Cox is the sole living member from all of Hendrix’s different major band configurations and anchors the rhythm section.

Lucinda Williams: The Ghosts of Highway 20 Review

Lucinda Williams said in an interview that 2016’s The Ghosts Of Highway 20 is 1998’s Car Wheels On A Gravel Road, Part Two. The reason why Williams compared them is because they are both full of stories from the highway. The Ghosts of Highway 20 is Williams’ 13th release since Ramblin‘ came out in 1979. The album opens with “Dust,” which all highways have plenty of and Williams sings about how “even your thoughts are dust,” in her most plaintiff voice, accompanied by the metallic sounding guitars of Bill Frisell and Greg Leisz. It’s a strong song to begin the album with featuring the phenomenal guitars of Frisell, who is a phenomenal jazz guitarist with a career reaching back to the 1970s, and Leisz who is a co-producer as well as the other amazing guitarist of the group, along with bassist David Sutton and drummer and percussionist Butch Norton.

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