Handsome Jack: Do What Comes Naturally Review

Do What Comes Naturally

Self-declared “boogie soul,” Handsome Jack’s new album, Do What Comes Naturally, is one long melodic groove. The band refines roots rock for today’s generation, boasting a classic, soulful sound. With vocals reminiscent of Eric Burden and Otis Reading, they sure stack up in the talent category. The album features long bluesy jams, suave singing, and lyrics true to the blues.

Spero: Pride EP Review


There’s no mistaking the impression that bands like The White Stripes and The Black Keys have left on the blues world. Anytime you think that the vocalist might have a megaphone, or when you make the mistake of thinking that you and that one drummer you know might just be able to pull off something similar, you’re wandering into trails blazed by White and Auerbach. What makes Spero interesting is that while they certainly make their home in this corner of the genre, they don’t lean too heavily on the raw garage sound you might expect, instead opting for eerie subtly where needed (“Better Man”) or managing a danceable, bottle-smashing bar tune (the mid section of “Friend”).

Rival Sons Play NYC & Boston

Rival Sons Play NYC & Boston

The west coast crew stopped by to rock two east coast hubs this past week. The Rival Sons, making greater waves with each new endeavor, are currently on tour in support of their latest release, Great Western Valkyrie. First stop on my tour was New York City, where backstage the ‘Sons prepared to play the historic Irving Plaza. An intimate space by design, adorned by vintage chandeliers and velvet walls, set the stage for a night of classic rock and roll. Meanwhile in Boston a few nights later, the band graced the former historic Harper’s Ferry, now Brighton Music Hall. The set was mastered with only minor tweaks between, and the band packed each space with enthusiastic fans like nobody’s business.

Luke Winslow-King Releases “Swing That Thing” Video

Luke Winslow-King has a released a music video for “Swing That Thing,” featured on the new album, Everlasting Arms, available on Amazon and iTunes.

Devon Allman: Ragged & Dirty Review

Ragged & Dirty

Devon Allman returns with Ragged & Dirty, the follow up to last year’s Turquoise. Turquoise showed that Allman can play with the big boys and Ragged & Dirty ups the ante. The album features 12 tracks and sees Allman team up with producer Tom Hambridge, who also penned several tracks on the album.

Watch Rival Sons Perform “Open My Eyes” on Letterman

Rival Sons performed “Open My Eyes” on The Late Show with David Letterman last night.

Read our recent interview with guitarist Scott Holiday about Rival Sons’ new album Great Western Valkyrie here.

Blueheart Revival: Stone Feathers Review

Stone Feathers

Pillow-hugging and whiskey stains make up some of the subject matter of Blueheart Revival’s debut LP, Stone Feathers. A nine track melodic expression of despair with glimmers of hope, Blueheart Revival’s take on the blues is an easy, laid-back one that almost doesn’t quite match up with its lyrical themes. The five-piece outfit hails from Washington, DC, and Stone Feathers is the first LP the group has put out since forming in 2013 and releasing a four track EP almost immediately afterward.

Ryan McGarvey: The Road Chosen Review

The Road Chosen

Ryan McGarvey has always gotten straight down to the fundamentals. His music is a very modern alternative, hailing high praise from critics and his rock idols alike. With strong vocals and a knack for the blues scales, the one man wrecking ball delivers another strong performance on The Road Chosen.

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